A Better Way To Ride

James Matthews had had enough.

Frustration from checking his bank account the morning after a night out and seeing how a $13 ride home had surged to $50 was happening all too often.

So enough was enough, and James and a friend came up with a simple idea: no more surge pricing. 

SteadyFare was born.

James quickly invested in the apps development and a short time later it was live on the market. But that wasn’t enough. He wanted SteadyFare to have a positive impact on the world in more ways than one. That included allowing the app’s drivers to be their own boss.

But what’s really unique about SteadyFare is what it does for children. For every ride, and with the help of our partners at Will Play For Food Foundation, a portion of the proceeds will go towards ending childhood hunger.

When you create a company that cares, real change happens.