A Better Way To Ride

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Better Drivers

So what’s the secret of a successful ride-share company? We believe it’s the friendliness of its drivers and the company’s general attitude towards their clients. And for us, Customer Service and Quality are not just empty phrases: It is very important that our customers actually experience them.


Better Background Checks

Unfortunately in this day and age, safety is a major concern for everyone, and we don’t take that lightly. Every SteadyFare driver goes through an extensive background check and formal interview. You can rest easy when riding with SteadyFare.

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Better Rates

So what makes us really different? NO SURGE PRICING! We offer a steady, flat rate, no matter the demand. We’re looking for repeat business, and we want SteadyFare to become a lifestyle choice. Our customers should want to utilize our service again and again and we believe that they should always know exactly what their fare is going to be.

  • Keep Your Tips

    Receive tips from your passengers and keep the whole amount – you earned it, and you should keep it.


    As a driver, you can be your own boss. With SteadyFare, you decide when and how long you work.

  • GPS

    Drivers get turn-by-turn GPS navigation. If you don’t have access to a smartphone, we can connect you to one at a discounted price.

  • Good People

    The SteadyFare community is made up of kind and friendly people – both passengers and drivers alike.

  • Keep Track of Your Money

    The fares you accumulate are automatically deposited into your account weekly, and you can track how much you make on every ride down to the penny. As your partner, we deduct a small percentage to keep the lights on.

  • Comfort Settings

    Similar to other ridesharing apps, before a rider gets in your car, you’ll see their first name and rating – you’ll always know who you’re picking up. But unlike other apps, SteadyFare allows both riders and drivers to set gender preferences, giving you the option of riding or driving with the gender of your choice. (Subject to availability.)

Book Ahead

With SteadyFare, you can request to be picked up at a specific time. Drivers are always motivated and ready to take you anywhere.




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